Defining Partnership.

We partner with entrepreneurs who want to define healthcare.

"When we thought about partners who could help us scale and truly change the way health and social services providers coordinate care, Define Ventures was at the top, and has been right by our side supporting from every angle."

Dan Brillman, Founder and CEO of Unite Us

"Define Ventures has been an incredibly supportive and life changing partner. I just hope other founders can experience the collaboration with Define themselves."

Jia Li, Founder and CEO of Dawnlight

"From the day Define joined our cap table, they've done nothing but drive shareholder value in a step function manner over, and over again."

Andrew Dudum, Founder and CEO of HIMS

"It is incredible and necessary having someone like Define working hard for us and in our corner."

Miki Kapoor, CEO of Verana Health

"Define has been a game-changing partner for Tia and for me personally as a healthcare founder."

Carolyn Witte, Founder and CEO of Tia

"The Define team are among the most informed and diligent investors we’ve seen. From Day 1, the team has been focused on value added to the Company."

David MacMurchy, CEO of Lightship